I Wont Sign Up Until I Know Your Policy On “X”

I have been gettingĀ  a lot of contact from people who are concerned about a specific topic or policy area. I understand that there are many issues that concern them, and want some action taken on it.

The policy section will be expanded going forward, but I think the best way to determine these positions will be to get our members involved.

If you feel you cant help us to get started because of that, I understand. But the conversation will never start if we don’t get the party registered. The only voices wanting this change will only be on the outside, instead of having a direct voice. A direct voice that can push Queensland in a better direction.

If you care about your rights, your families rights, your friends rights, to work, go to school, run their businesses, then we are the only choice.

Your vote is your most powerful tool, but without choice it is meaningless.

Registering with the party isn’t your vote, if you decide at election time there is a better choice, you are free to make it.

Not registering ensures that choice is removed.